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3D Digital Corp., the leader in 3D scanning technology, has pioneered a reverse-engineering solution that’s affordable and complete. It’s called EScan, and we designed it based on field research and extensive customer feedback. Our customers let us know they needed a total solutions package—not just a scanning device. With EScan we’ve delivered it.

EScan 2.0 -  3D Scanning Made Simple

EScan 2.0


Reverse engineering at an affordable price
Imports directly into popular CAD and CAM programs
Exports .stl, .obj, .ascii and other file formats
Produces 3D scanner images quickly and effectively
Complete 3D scanner software solution
USB Plug & Play







Customer Testimonials….

“We contacted the people at the 3D Digital Corp. The met us with enthusiastic support at no cost. First, they recommended affordable software that can convert the scans to create the surface models that we needed for our CNC machine. They helped us in improving our scans, to make it more useful. They provided us with a Webinar to teach us more about how to use the scanner better and the software to make all of the conversions.”


“The consults and training we received from 3D Digital engineers made it possible for us to achieve our goal in one shot.”


“I now have a scanner that operates perfectly! This Escan is one generation old and still gives better results then competitor scanners that I have used! I wish to thank everyone at 3D Digital Corp for the help and understanding to make a bad situation turn out great. All of you went above and beyond what I expected! Thanks again!”

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